Past issues

Issue 7, Winter 2017

Under an unjust state, break unjust laws; DTES Economic Development plan; Interview with Brandon Gabriel, Kwantlen Nation; Sex workers must break laws that criminalize; Fighting against capitalism and colonialism across Turtle Island; Stop Demovictions Burnaby campaign; The (un)realities of reconciliation; Resistance to the criminalization of homelessness in DTES and Surrey; Anti-homeless hate in Maple Ridge; Decriminalize drugs; Fixed terms leases and provincial housing money; Rebuilding Hogan’s Alley; Fight against gentrification in Medellin, Colombia; Fighting against rezoning of Vancouver’s Chinatown; In memoriam: Mary Dawn Vickers and Art manuel; and more.

Issue 6, Fall 2016

Together Against Displacement & Dispossession Summit report back; Editors view on addiction; Ending drug prohibition to respond to the overdose crisis; Drug user first responders; Social work as social control; Chinatown and displacement; Abolishing private property; Lessons from Oaxaca’s teachers movement; Kanien’kehá:ka Mohawk ancestral wisdom; Housing and sex work; Super InTent City Society’s critique of PHS housing; Inside the jail of supportive housing; Criminalization on Surrey’s Strip; and more.

winter-2016-cover-art-gord-hillIssue 5, Spring 2016

Lessons from Tent City Resistance; Report Backs from Madii Lii and Lelu Island; Connecting home ownership with colonialism; Mining Justice in Honduras; Fracking; In Memory of Wolverine; Occupy INAC, Vancouver; Foster Care as Residential Schools; Trudeau’s Tokenizing Reconciliation; Guaranteed Annual Income; Overdose Deaths and the Public Health Emergency; What’s Up With Rent Supplements; Housing Crises in Burnaby, Surrey, Victoria; Black Lives Matter Vancouver; and more.


Issue 4, Winter 2016

Homelessness and refugees; Trudeau’s new brand of the same; Tent cities & people power; the Leap Manifesto; AAD unity statement; Harper’s colonial sex work laws; MMIW Federal Inquiry, TPP is a deathstar; Updates from Unist’ot’ten, Xwisten, and frontlines of Indigenous resistance; Message from Wolverine; Racist prisons; Healthcare as social control; Fight for Chinatown; Surrey’s housing crisis; SRO collaborative; Court victory over anti-homeless bylaws; and more.


Issue 3, Fall 2015

National (social) housing policy roundup; Cities cannot solve the housing crisis alone; Court battle over tent cities; A coalition of landlords fights for tax cuts; Why rent subsidies are bad policy; Counting the homeless; Struggles in Metrotown, Maple Ridge and the DTES; The myth of foreign investment; Killer cops in BC; Sex work laws still criminalize women; End the war on drug dealers; Fentanyl; Refugees; and more.


Issue 2, Summer 2015

Fighting the long summer of evictions in DTES, Maple Ridge, Victoria, Metrotown, Surrey, and Abbotsford; Indigenous drug users speak back; Critique of “Housing First” policies; Pipelines & Indigenous sovereignty; Solutions to Surrey’s “drug” and “gang” problems; Community policing or community surveillance; Ayotzinapa tour; Justice for migrant workers; A vision of a world without prisons; and more.


Issue 1, Spring 2015

Introducing the Volcano; Critique of Harper’s anti-prostitution laws; Radical racial justice histories (Hogan’s Alley & Mewa Singh); Changes to welfare and housing policies; Resource extraction based displacement; Racism and prisons in the U.S. and Canada; Fighting homelessness in Victoria, DTES Chinatown, SFU and Abbotsford; Police murders of Phuong Na Du and Naverone Woods; Transportation Not Deportation; and more.


Downtown East

The Volcano published as the Downtown East from 2012 to late 2014. Browse the Downtown East articles for more news from low income, working class and Indigenous communities in Vancouver and British Columbia.


Special online only publications

City of Victoria’s “Sheltering Solutions” workshop; Stop the Boffo condos next to Oppenheimer Park in the DTES