The Volcano’s Top 12 of 2020

The year 2020 was a whirlwind: the #ShutDownCanada movement in defence of Wet’suwet’en sovereignty, the global crisis of COVID-19, the George Floyd Uprising, elections in British Columbia and the USA, and record-breaking overdose deaths. The Volcano is affiliated with Red Braid Alliance for Decolonial Socialism and currently all of our

Publishing as a weapon

The news tells nothing but hate for the poor. According to the right-wing media, poor people are sick or bad and should be forced into treatment or jail. The progressive media offers no reprieve. To them, poor people are charity cases with

Publishing and organizing

Support The Volcano in 2020! In 2015 The Volcano launched as a newspaper to record and encourage the development of a new movement against displacement and dispossession. Until then, The Volcano had been called the Downtown East and was